Instant - 

INSTANT is a new type of media.

Every day, discover a new piece of news illustrated by a picture taken by best AFP's photoreporters. INSTANT is a different way to get informed. Unlike other medias, INSTANT will provoque emotions to the user. Leading them to think and want to know more about a topic

INSTANT is also a portfolio for the photoreporters. It allow them to show both sides of their work. First, their eyes. Pictures are being selected and promoted because of their uniqueness and beautiness. And then, because the picture comes with content. The photoreporters need to be aware of what's happening around the world.

INSTANT was built using React and Three.js. The trick in this project is how planes are rendered. Actually, React handles routing and 2D rendering but is also used to generate tiles through its lifecycle. Every 3D piece is actually a react component that renders null. But in its componentDidMount, Three.js API is used.

So the camera and the tiles position are all handled with React because it is the only source of truth about positions. A global states triggers the differents views (overview, detail, photographer page).

The whole project is hosted on google firebase alongside with its user-friendly database.